About the clinic

Midwest Muscle & Joint Clinic

Lawrence, KS

What exactly is Midwest Muscle & Joint Clinic? We are a chiropractic healthcare clinic that specializes in not only getting people out of pain, but finding the root cause of that pain. We love seeing our patients and helping them in any way possible, but our one true goal is to help you reach your goals, and we want you to spend your time doing that instead of seeing us! Don’t get us wrong, if you like to see us regularly or feel like you need treatment - come on in! You know your body better than anyone. However, if you are in pain, our goal is to resolve the pain as quickly as possible - no long-term commitments or unnecessary treatment plans. We are constantly reassessing your conditions to make sure the care we are providing is effective for you.  We pride ourselves on coaching patients through proper movement patterns and exercises, so that they can learn to not only manage their pain on their own but understand when an appointment with us might be necessary. 

This type of service we refer to as “Functional Chiropractic.” Many people view this as “Sports Chiropractic,” but our focus is not solely on athletes. For example, the pain and movement dysfunctions we are seeing in weight lifters, baseball players, and golfers, we are identically seeing in teachers, electricians, and warehouse workers. Believe it or not, our bodies were meant to move. Movement is medicine! So, whether you’re a high level athlete or work a 9-5 desk job (or both!), functional chiropractic is for you!

With the functional chiropractic approach, we seldom rely on an adjustment alone (we’ll cover what an adjustment and manipulation is in a later post). Adjusting (and only adjusting) used to be the gold standard for all chiropractors. The reality is that adjustments cannot always solve everything and some patients might not even need an adjustment to resolve their specific issue. With a thorough assessment, we can determine what therapies and corrective exercises may or may not be appropriate for you. Because of this, we spend an average of 20-30 minutes with our patients though this often varies.

You might think “That’s great and all but I just want to get treated real quick and get on with my day.”

Of course! As we said earlier, our goal is to avoid treatment plans and that is why we follow this model of care:

Just because we resolved your complaint does not mean you are not welcomed back! We are here to help you through all stages of life and activity levels. If you’re currently in pain, wanting to run your first 5k, be able to get down on the floor to play with your grandchildren, or just move better - this is the place for you!