Brittany Wessling, LMT

Massage Therapist | Lawrence, KS

Brittany Wessling graduated from Pinnacle Career Institute as a massage therapist in 2013. During her schooling, she became highly interested in injury recovery, range of motion rehabilitation, and understanding pain in the body. Growing up playing sports helped focus her interests on old and new injuries specifically related to repetitive use.

Her main goal as a massage therapist is to help her clients reach full-functioning motion comfortably. She focuses on their treatment plan for injured areas and is excited to work together as a team to make that happen. With a wide range of knowledge, she achieves helping her clients while utilizing deep tissue, trigger point, relaxation, and even prenatal massage techniques. She is continuing her education in lymph drainage and reflexology with the hope of reaching even more needs of the clients she works with. With a wide range of knowledge and the use of massage tools, she is eager to help create a treatment plan for any client she meets.